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If all you want is a simple badge printing system that will enable you to produce ID badges on your PC, keep a record of the badge holders and just use visual checking of badges as a method of control; then Tensor’s Badge Designer is the system for you.

Badge Designer is a sub-set of our MCVS system. The advantage of using Badge Designer is that should you wish to upgrade to a proper visitor monitoring system in the future, all the building blocks that you will require are already in place.

Badge Designer allows users to have a graphical interface to design any number of badge templates to produce ID badges. Badges can have printing both on the front and reverse sides of the badge. The following types of information are just some of the things that can be included in the badge design.


  • Static text, for example, headings, labels and explanatory text added in this manner will appear on every printed badge.
  • Text sourced from the system database, for example a person’s name and employee number.
  • Static Barcodes, where the same barcoded information is printed on each badge.
  • Dynamic Barcodes, where person specific information, such as their employee code, in printed on each badge.
  • Static images, include images such as company logos on each badge.
  • Dynamic images include employee photographs and/or signature captured and stored within the system on the person’s badge.

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