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Government facilities demand a sophisticated approach when it comes to security. From the provision of controlled access of employees and guests from restricted areas within the facility to solutions that aid the effective provision of the services of its agencies…notably among them being the security agencies.

We at Tensor Ghana have the knowledge, expertise and experience to secure your facility with sustainable cutting-edge solutions.

From visitor management, video intercom and video surveillance systems to access control and alarm systems, we offer a wide range of security systems to government facilities.

Access Control 

Access control systems allow controlled access of employees and guests for the public areas within the facility, while also denying access to restricted areas. 

Tensor Ghana offers a wide range of access control solutions according to the level of security required, from card readers to the most sophisticated access control solutions such as biometric access control systems, which utilize fingerprints, retina, and other personal data.

Security Camera Systems

Every government facility must have an installed security camera system. Tensor Ghana can design and install the latest security cameras systems to cover every corner with high-definition, regardless of lighting or weather conditions. From external security cameras to internal security cameras in the public areas including elevators, we do have you covered.

Alarm Systems

Tensor can install advanced alarm systems for external and internal doors and windows. The systems can be integrated with access control and security cameras systems for an effective government security system that can quickly determine signs of a real threat. Government facility security depends upon integrated technology, and our tailored solutions will ensure protection at all levels.

Barriers, Turnstiles and Gates

Government facilities require proper physical security at all the entrances. We install barriers, turnstiles and gates for maximum security and control.

Integrated Systems

An integrated security system gives you more control, and makes security simple and easy to manage. We specialize in the design, integration and implementation of different security systems to an advanced security system with synchronization of all systems.

Let our experts design the right bespoke security system/solution just for you

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