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The healthcare industry faces unique security challenges and are one of the trickiest building facilities to secure properly as they straddle the line between appearing comfortable and implementing strict safety, security and privacy protocols.

Today, hospitals and medical facilities need more protection than ever before. Developing effective security strategies to combat theft of sensitive medical records and data, high-value clinical equipment and pharmaceutical and medical inventories while guaranteeing the highest level of safety and protection for patients, staff and visitors, has become not only a top priority, but an ever-growing challenge.

Clinic and hospital security practices are aimed at protecting mainly people, assets and data.

Security programs should account for all sorts of threats against people at the facility, from patient-generated violence aimed at staff to the risk of vulnerable patients being harmed or abducted.

Medical equipment theft is unfortunately common in health facilities. Aside the financial risk associated with such an occurrence, there’s also a risk of causing direct harm to a patient if a piece of important equipment goes missing when it’s needed most.

Most healthcare organizations’ IT departments handle much of the data privacy duties for electronic medical records. But there are still plenty of data risks that fall into the purview of security and facilities personnel, like safeguarding paper records. 

Tensor Ghana, comprehends these unique and ever changing security concerns of the healthcare industry and is committed to providing a wide variety of effective ultra-modern solutions to all healthcare facilities requiring such. From managing patient, personnel and visitor traffic, to robust access control and intrusion detection, inventory loss prevention, monitoring and securing sensitive areas, to protecting your organization from potential liability claims.

Integrated Solutions to cater for these 3 major aspects of healthcare facilities by Tensor Ghana ranges: 

Burglar Alarm Systems 

Our state-of-the-art commercial burglar and intrusion detection alarm systems are designed to deter intruders and thieves from entering your premises, glass break detectors, motion detection sensors and alarm keypads for small clinics, to advanced burglar alarm systems for large healthcare centers and hospitals.

Our T8526 Intelligent IP Door Controller can be used to arm an intruder alarm. Entry of a PIN combination by a designated cardholder at an arming reader will lock all access points and arm the intruder alarm system. On intruder alarm activation, access is inhibited to everyone apart from designated cardholders.

Access Control

Offering superb reliability and ease of installation, Tensor’s family of touch-free, contactless access control smart card readers combine unique functionality, high-quality engineering and design for effective monitoring of access in & out of restricted areas in your health facility.

Video Surveillance(CCTV)

Gain full control and 24/7 monitoring of your hospital premises with Tensor’s complete range of camera and surveillance systems, will allow you to view your premises in real-time and set up a solid defense against intrusion,theft and the like.

Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance system will prove very useful for checking employees’ whereabouts and whether people are taking breaks correctly, while on their individual shifts at the hospital.

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