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Tensor Ghana - Industry Sectors

Tensor Ghana provides a wide range of security solutions for various industries in Ghana and West Africa. 

We utilize the latest technology, combined with our knowledge and expertise, to enhance security in your business. 

Custom top-of-the-line, comprehensive security systems for schools, colleges and universities. 


High-end solutions that cater for the numerous and demanding security requirements of the banking & corporate business sectors, whilst respecting the need to provide full value for money and return on investment.

Tensor Ghana helps you run your retail businesses more smoothly, cost effectively and securely with a variety of cutting-edge security solutions designed to prevent theft and inventory shrinkage and mitigate risk and liability.

Tensor Ghana offers effective access control and CCTV surveillance solutions for residential properties.

Tensor Ghana supplies a wide range of integrated leisure security solutions that will make sure staff and customers are protected but your premises are still welcoming.

Integrated security systems from Tensor Ghana layer several different technologies throughout Government facilities to create the most secure buildings possible.

Tensor Ghana supplies job site security, video surveillance and security cameras, turnstile access control systems and advanced monitoring and alarm systems for construction sites.

Attain full control and 24/7 monitoring with Tensor Ghana’s complete range of security systems for hospitals, carehomes and health institutions.