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The Tensor Mobile Self Service Module (SSM) is the perfect addition to your Tensor.NET Time & Attendance system. It enables remote workers to clock-in and access a number of useful features using their iOS / Android smartphones, while granting extensive supervisory features.

Tensor Mobile SSM App – Key Features for Remote Workers:

  • Clock IN or OUT and book ON or OFF jobs (with options for GPS tagging)
  • Clock OUT with using a reason code
  • View previous clockings, add missing clockings or amend existing ones
    • Request & cancel a period of absence/holiday
  •  Receive a notification when absence requests are authorised or denied
  • View the status of your absence requests and clocking amendments
  • View your current & remaining holiday entitlement
  • View you absence planner for any year
  • View your current flexitime balance, flexitime history and request adjustments to your flexi balance
  • Queue clockings when the mobile device does not have internet access.
  • Queued clockings are then synchronized when internet connectivity returns. To operate the mobile app in offline mode the user’s login details must stored using the Remember Me login function.

Tensor Mobile SSM App – Key Features for Supervisors

  • Authorise or deny any requested periods of absence made by their subordinate work colleagues
  • Authorise or deny any requested absence cancellations
  • Authorise or deny any requested clocking amendments
  • Authorise or deny any requested flexitime adjustments
  • Receive notifications when subordinate work colleagues request periods of absence or clocking amendments
  • View the current status and clocking times of their subordinate work colleagues
  • View a consolidated absence planner containing absence details of all their subordinate work colleagues

Mobile clockings and job bookings, once submitted, are transferred to the central Tensor.NET application with GPS position data to ascertain the mobile device’s location at the time of clocking. Employee movements can then be displayed & plotted on a map viewable in Tensor.NET.

The Tensor Mobile SSM app implements role based security allowing you to easily choose which combination of features employees will have access to. Disabled features, such as the ability to view flexitime, will simply not appear at all.

The application adapts to a sudden loss of connectivity by caching offline requests on your mobile device. Once a network connection is restored, any cached information is transferred immediately.

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