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Time & Attendance

Our Time and Attendance Systems are extremely versatile, due to their modular nature. WinTA.NET is part of the Tensor suite of .NET applications. It can be combined with many other modules to provide one seamless application that meets all of your HR and security needs. Access Control, Personnel, CCTV, Visitor Monitoring, Tensor’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition and ID Badge Designer are all modules available to increase the power of your Tensor application.

The Tensor Time & Attendance System allows you to save time and money on HR Processes by automating data processing and payroll export.

With the Tensor Time & Attendance System, you can monitor staff productivity and prevent time theft, but you can also make the right business decisions with the help of the powerful built-in workforce management tools.

Cost-effective Time & Attendance solutions that maximize your ROI:

  • Monitor Employee Attendance in Real Time
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Prevent Time Theft
  • Prevent Payroll Fraud and “Buddy Punching“
  • Cut Labour Costs
  • Bolster Employee Productivity
  • Instant Export to Payroll – Employee Attendance Data is easily Exported to all the Major Payroll Packages
  • Automatically Calculates Paid Time Off (Holiday, Paid Sick Absence) and Overtime
  • Graphical Absence Planner with Powerful Reporting/Analysis Facilities
  • Built-in On-line Self Service Module
  • Web enabled, mobile / wireless technology based Time & Attendance for those employing 20 people to 10,000