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Visitor Management

The Tensor Self-Service Visitor Management (SSVM) allows organisations operating unmanned or manned receptions to cut reception and back-office costs and to streamline site access for customers, contractors and visitors. It supports multiple visitor types (Visitor/Contractor/Employee) and enables administrators to specify the workflow – a series of steps required in the check IN and check OUT process – for each visitor type.

Enabling enhanced security with Facial Recognition support, it prompts visitors to Check In or Out against a pre-planned appointment or book an ad hoc one, while in the same time notifying their hosts and automatically enrolling the visitor onto the organization’s visitor management system.

visitors can now use the QR or bar code on their appointment notification email to check IN or OUT without them having to interact physically with the app’s tablet. Questionnaires can be filled online prior to the appointment and the software also includes a signature capture facility.

Tensor Visitor Management System :

  • Appointment Planning and Management
  • Self-Service Visitor Management (SSVM) app turns tablets into self-service kiosks for Visitor Registration and Management
  • Contactless QR Code – based check-in supported 
  • Streamline visitor check-in and check-out processes, improve throughput and administration costs
  • Handle appointments for multiple specific locations within a site
  • Facial recognition and camera integration
  • Automatic recording of visitor attendance for fire roll call evacuation purposes